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National Junior Tennis & Learning


New Jersey Tennis & Learning is a nonprofit community organization dedicated to improving the lives of youths from broad socio-economic and cultural backgrounds through programs based on the ideals of tennis legend Arthur Ashe.

Lacking any formidable marketing effort or brand communications, NJTL was in need of stronger marketing materials in order to build greater brand awareness within their community as well as to potential donators.

As a modest start, Alan Brooks Creative recommended the development of a new website, and a brochure to better showcase the true benefits of NJTL to the children and families involved, the people and organizations who donate and the stakeholders who are responsible for the programs.

The brochure had a dimensional aspect to represent a playful tone and to motivate potential sponsors to support this tremendous cause. Alan Brooks Creative developed the website so it addressed all social media platforms, helping to increase awareness of the organization.

NJTL has a strong and focused leadership making it a well run organization serving the Greater Trenton Area. Alan Brooks Creative helped reinforce this great work so that it can continue its aggressive growth.

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